Wednesday, January 14, 2009


As I begin my quest to become (as some of my friends describe) the fastest nerd on the block I can't help but to wonder...what am I getting my self into. That does little to slow me down though, turns out I am a glutton for punishment.

I am starting with an Associated TC4 touring car that I will be modding with a longer chassis, streamlined body, lots of power, and big 'ole tall gears (specs to be added as I figure them out). I couldn't think of a good name for the car that didn't sound lame so I am going all alpha-numeric with CSC-1 which stands for, (SUPRISE!) Chappell Speed Car #1

The plan is to hopefully get it all together and working in time for the ISC competition:

ISC's Website

They haven't released the date of this years race yet but I am hoping for it to not come too soon, Har Har!

Anyway I hope you enjoy my trails and tribulations and hopefully my project will inspire others to come play with us. With any luck I will have a really fast car at the end of this or a spectacular lipo battery fueled explosion, I figure I am a winner either way.



  1. Chris, you are a wienner in my book either way. HaHa.

  2. Hi

    As you are in the USA you might want to know that the ISC is not using the ROSSA rules and will be making their own and recording their own records. You can still run to ROSSA rules and claim a ROSSA record but if you a looking at attending an ISC event then I would check if the classes have changed and you are allowed to run

    A J Lovering

  3. Yeah, I heard they are talking about running different rules too, hopefully they will be close enough to easily switch back and forth.