Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ISC Video

Here is a video with a bit of race action and some Southwest Tour action that I ran across on youtube.

'09 Speed Run

Encino Event Results



I told you I did bad, I have been practicing (not on a velodrome though I don't have one of those available) but I think it might be time to get back into some form of course racing to try and get better faster as competition seems to accelerate it. I feel like towards the end of Saturday that even though the car was still not completely cooperating that I should have been able to drive through the problems better and at least be a little more competitive.

I am thinking about dirt oval, it teaches good reflexes.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Crashing On The Other Coast

This weekend was my first ISC event and it was at the Encino velodrome....and it was hard. Despite tons of help from Nic Case and others (thanks Tim Smith, Shawn Palmer (of Schumacher USA), Gary O'Conner, and others I am forgetting at the moment) I could not get the car to handle very well and just wasn't good enough to drive through the problems so I spent most of the weekend crashing into the retainer walls. It was all good though and I think the experience gained will be highly beneficial for the next closed course event as this was my first time to ever even see a velo track much less drive on one (and I am not exactly the best setup guy, I need LOTS of practice normally with something new to find what works).

So I performed awful but it really didn't sour the event for me, it was so much fun attempting to run, meeting cool people, and I felt the race just turned out so well in general that I am very happy I went. I think the word got out some more about speed racing too and hopefully the next event will have even more people.

It was a very cool experience for me as there was magazine coverage, industry members in attendance, and happy people enjoying seeing things like Nic ripping off some super fast laps, not to mention it was great watching the Southwest Tour guys run too (some of those guys were super impressive). Hey I even got to meet Dan from Dan's RC Stuff and he gave me some of of his Speed Clean Plastic Cleaner (great product by the way) which was cool as I have been buying his products for years and you just don't meet rc industry people in Alabama.

In all now I am just more excited about competing and hopefully next time I can bring the speed! If will excuse me I need to go fix my car and practice some more as I am not real crazy about losing.


ISC Encino Pictures

Some of the sights and people of the race from this past weekend.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

About to be on my way

The car made it to Cali in one piece and my flight leaves tomorrow afternoon, next stop... Encino Velodrome!

So wish me luck and hopefully I will go fast and keep the car in one piece. Also wish me luck in that my flight is not too miserable or late.

I did a new body for the race but left it at the office so pics will have to wait until later (but before I run so that I have pics of it in one piece).


Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Aero Package

First off, as promised here as some pictures of the car post crash. It come out pretty good considering I am even going to keep using the rear shock tower for now as it seems to be fine from the shock mounting points in.

I am rocked, reeling a bit, but I ain't down yet... time for round two. I made some big 'ole vertical stabilizers and added them on this evening and I also revamped the front lip spoilers with some small stabilizers, hopefully this we get it in line. I think I got them about as straight and true as you can possible hope to get lexan fins attached to a lexan body. I am not real happy about the weight they added as it is quite a bit of lexan and I may be a little overkill using 6-32 screws and lock nuts but I was worried about something smaller like 4-40's pulling out under what I think will be a fair amount of force and I didn't want to deal with that.

Hopefully the design will not compromise turning any on the velodrome, I am going to go do some straightline testing this weekend hopefully (velodrome testing will not get to happen until race weekend) and with any luck I will come back a happier person.

The fins can be a bit hard to see as they are clear but I think you guys can make them out.

I also made a nifty rotating car stand as I am entirely too cheap to go buy one. Anyway it was made from some scrap aluminum and the only thing I bought was a $5 lazy susan so I think I did ok.