Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Aero Package

First off, as promised here as some pictures of the car post crash. It come out pretty good considering I am even going to keep using the rear shock tower for now as it seems to be fine from the shock mounting points in.

I am rocked, reeling a bit, but I ain't down yet... time for round two. I made some big 'ole vertical stabilizers and added them on this evening and I also revamped the front lip spoilers with some small stabilizers, hopefully this we get it in line. I think I got them about as straight and true as you can possible hope to get lexan fins attached to a lexan body. I am not real happy about the weight they added as it is quite a bit of lexan and I may be a little overkill using 6-32 screws and lock nuts but I was worried about something smaller like 4-40's pulling out under what I think will be a fair amount of force and I didn't want to deal with that.

Hopefully the design will not compromise turning any on the velodrome, I am going to go do some straightline testing this weekend hopefully (velodrome testing will not get to happen until race weekend) and with any luck I will come back a happier person.

The fins can be a bit hard to see as they are clear but I think you guys can make them out.

I also made a nifty rotating car stand as I am entirely too cheap to go buy one. Anyway it was made from some scrap aluminum and the only thing I bought was a $5 lazy susan so I think I did ok.

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