Tuesday, January 27, 2009


...Just trying to do this all smart-like

Couple of changes to the project, after to talking to Nic (Case) some and looking at time, money (and how much could be lost if it all goes wrong), and my general lack of experience concerning speed run cars I think I am going to cut my teeth some on running the car on the stock chassis (a bit of a Vassmar clone).

I think I need some more first hand experience from running a car that fast and finding all the limitations of the TC4 and determining what exactly will be the best measures to take in improving the car (instead of going head on into building a streamliner without any first hand knowledge of what may or may not work). I also would like to do some velodrome races and think a stock wheelbase car will probably do better.

Now I am not wussing out and will be still developing the streamliner along side running the stock wheelbase car as running one in the "open" class is where I want to be in a year or so but figure I better walk a bit before I run.

I got some new parts the other day too...

Got a GY401 gyro, it is supposed to be a bit faster than some of the others so we will see (got a good price from the LHS on it too) , also picked up a CC-BEC. I need to gather a few more parts as cash flow allows and hopefully will be up and ready to run by the time my BSR tires get here at the end of February.

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