Friday, February 13, 2009

An update

To run as big of a pinion (35 tooth) as I am wanting to run I had to modify the stock motor mount to get more adjustment. A buddy of mine experimented a bit with on old TC4 motor mount to find out how to get enough out of it and above is what he came up with (THANKS SCOTT!).

The TC4 uses a cam setup to mount the motor and he grinded away to the left to allow the cam to lean more. You also have to bevel the heatsink on the side and notch the hole in the chassis just a little more for when it swings the motor over. If you are using the Mamba you need to trim the bottom side of the upper heatsink so that the screw on the side of the motor case will clear. Finally you have to take a bit of material all the right side of the cam on the opposite side as it have these little ear stops that need to go.

So I replicated what Scott did and now I have plenty of adjustment and can set the gear mesh properly. When you do this with a pinion that big the next issue you hit is that the pinion actually hits some of the webbing on the back of the chassis so remember to cut a notch out of the webbing for the pinion to run in.


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