Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Range Testing

Did some range testing with the Futaba 3PM over the weekend and was quite surprised.

I have talked to some other guys who tried the 3PM and it didn't give them that good of range but after mutliple runs (and as you can tell from the picture, calling a buddy as I have never read the manual on how to adjust the transmitter) it was giving me numbers over 1000ft easily, I had control far enough away that I could barely see the car.

I want to use the 3PM as I just already had one that I use on one of my other cars and really would just like to avoid dropping 400 big ones on a 3PK if I can help it.

I also put together my old TAO2FF (FF01) for the wife to drive around....and she broke it. Perhaps I should get her something to drive with better parts availability.

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