Thursday, March 19, 2009

Running out of time gotta keep on, keepin' on!

Made a few bits and pieces to get the body and wing mounted and basically try to get some runs in this weekend. I also recieved my tires from BSR so I will balance them, finish up the last of the modifications and add-ons, paint the body and let 'er rip.

I waterjet some mounts to attach the rear wing to the shock
towers as I feel it will be best to put the force from the wing directly into the chassis instead of into the lexan body. I will bend a section of .078 piano wire into an upside down "L" attach it to the wing with buttons and in slips into the bracket and is held by set screws.

Here is another angle of the wing mounts and a view of the extension I had to make for the rear body mounts. I still need to countersink the screw heads and decide on a finish on most of the parts... just trying to get it all done at the moment.

I also made a new front under bumper out of aluminum that was bigger to hold the lexan front-lip spoiler I am planning on using. This way it can be interchangable so that I can adjust downforce with different lips.

Basically it won't be long now, at least I hope so as I really need to test this thing!

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