Monday, August 3, 2009

Past Due Updating

Sorry, I know much hasn't been happening here on the blog but I have had two trees hit the house since April (I guess I was a logger in a past life and now the trees are exacting their revenge) and have been mainly consumed with trying to fix that, deal with the evil that is insurance, and otherwise get everything back to normal. Not to mention I feel like I am throwing money down a hole at this problem as fast as I can make it.

While this is most likely going to prevent me from going to the straight line event this year the project is still going forward. I just got my speed control back from Castle as they were trying to figure out what issue I have been having (actually they just sent a new unit back, thanks Castle). I am also working out some details on the stretched chassis, I figured if I can't go this year that I would really try to be ready to throw down next year.

On an good note I just did my first offroad race since the mid-nineties and came in second. I haven't had a lot of luck finding an oval track that consistently has EDM cars showing up so since I was given a Associated RC10B4 for my birthday I figured I would slap it together real fast and run it at one of the local tracks this past weekend at Cullman RC in Cullman Alabama.

Cullman RC

They run a 1/10th scale Open ( or "Outlaw" as some may call it) class that is pretty much run what you brung. So I slapped in a Traxxas Velinion motor and esc and had at it. The first heat was ruff as I was trying too hard and crashing a lot but the second heat and the main I dropped my lap times a lot with the "slow = fast" method and just taking it easy and trying to be consistent. I think after I get the suspension sorted and some practice I should be able to actually race for the win.

I had a blast though and remembered how fun offroad can be, so I will definitely be doing some more of it.

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